WK15- Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life

1. Professional Dancer/ Performer/Choreographer: This is the career path that I am most focussed on achieving. Currently I am receiving my BFA in dance from Cal State Long Beach which will help me gain valuable skills and training in which I intend to apply at a professional level. I have also been making connections through the dance department with professional choreographers with whom I would like to work with after college. This career path is not easy, and I will have to work really hard to achieve this goal but I intend on doing so. After I receive my degree I will audition for modern companies in both Los angeles and San Francisco. I also hope to pursue a short professional career in Europe.

2. Pilates instructor: In order to support myself in my dance career I hope to also receive my Pilates certification so I can help myself stay in physical shape, while also maintaining a steady income. Pilates is becoming very popular, and I hope to integrate my knowledge of dance with pilates to help teach young dancers how to dance anatomically correct in order to avoid injury. Through my degree I have taken pilates and anatomy classes. There is also a pilates training program lead by a professor in the dance department. With this career I will be able to be the dancing artist I want to be while also being able to pay rent.

3. High school dance teacher: After I gain experience in the professional world of dance I would like to go back to school to receive my teaching credential and hopefully teach dance through at a high school. I personally went to a public high school that had a nice dance program, and I know how much the program helped me grow as a person, and build strong friendships. I also believe that programs like dance and sports in high school can help to prevent youth from making poor life choices. I wold also like to incorporate pilates into the dance program to help teens stay active and motivated to stay in good physical shape.


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