WK14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Garden

This was by far my favorite art experience thus far. In the three years that I have been going to CSULB I have never been inside the Japanese garden. It was so beautiful! I never knew we had such a peaceful area on campus. Even though I am not the best at drawing, I still enjoyed the challenge of trying to draw what I was seeing, rather than an image out of my head. I found that the more I drew, the more I began to notice the more minute details about the space around me. I also had a hard time not erasing anything, and found that not using an eraser forced me to incorporate lines that I would normally take away. When I tried to draw my hand without looking I realized just how undeveloped my hand eye coordination is when drawing. After this art experience I feel more inspired to improve my sketching skills, and revisit the beautiful Japanese garden on campus. IMG_2366.JPGIMG_2362.JPGIMG_2367.JPGIMG_2369.JPGIMG_2368.JPG


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