Wk13- Artist Conversation- Laura López

Artist: Laura López

Exhibition: Selvática

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB Art Galleries, Werby


Laura López is about to graduate from CSULB with her MFA in Painting. She is a part of the CSULB college of the arts painting department. López received her undergrad in Columbia where she grew up. Her main medium is paint, and she is inspired by the jungle and her background. López also practices other forms of art including dance.

López’s work displayed in her exhibit Selvática was an extremely colorful interpretation of jungle scenes. Each picture had its own color scheme and depicted various animals of plants that thrive in the jungles of South America where López grew up. All of the pieces presented were very balanced in terms of spacing, and used various lines to direct the viewer’s eye.

All of the pieces presented gave a feeling of a vibrant and energized jungle. When talking to López she discussed how her schooling in Columbia allowed her to freely question curriculum and lead her to create works that she felt important. She talked about how she grew up admiring nature and the way living things are all interconnected. López’s work explores structural patterns of nature and expresses them through colorful paint.

When viewing López’s work I felt drawn to the beautiful display of colors, and the images they represented. I strongly feel that it is very important as an artist in this era to helps remind people the importance and beauty of nature, and that it is not something to take for granted. I was really inspired by Laura López’s paintings, and intend to explore ways to express the importance of nature through my own art form.

Laura Lopez.JPGLaura L


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