Wk10- Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics, Sand, Projection, Photography

Gallery: CSULB Art Gallery, Dutzi


Brittany Waters grew up in Citrus Heights California where she studied ceramics in high school. She then received her AA in art from Sierra college in Rocklin California. After graduating from Sierra, Waters transferred to CSULB and was excepted into the ceramics department as a BFA major. Waters is currently a senior in the department, and the her exhibit #MoreThanASandbox is her senior show. Her main focus in medium is ceramics.

The work Waters displayed in her exhibit #MoreThanASandbox consisted of many mediums including ceramics, sand, projection, and photography. However, the main focus of the piece was the 118 ceramic turtles that Waters created individually by hand. The turtles were scattered in a pile of sand that appeared to look like a sea turtle nest. The turtles were all pointed in the direction of a projection of the ocean. Waters also included porcelain pieces of shells to give an appearance of the turtle hatching. Laying next to the turtles was a fold-out chair, umbrella, and starbucks cup.

When talking to Waters about her exhibit she revealed that her main inspiration for her art work is nature. She created each turtle individually from a mold that she crafted which represents the uniqueness of each animal. Waters also made 118 turtles, which is accurate to the amount of eggs a real sea turtle would lay.

When viewing Waters work I was captivated by the realness she was able to achieve in her exhibit. The way the baby turtles were crafted, painted, and displayed was so life-like I was almost thought they were living creatures. I also enjoyed the spacing of the exhibit and the way waters used multiple mediums to reenact nature. I also enjoyed how Waters incorporated the chair, umbrella and coffee cup. To me it captured the essence of human interaction with nature and our destructive ways of life. Art17' Turtles1.JPGArt17' Turtles 3.JPGArt17' Turtles.JPG


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