Wk9- Artist Conversation- May Roded

Artist: May Roded

Exhibition: Anamnesis

Media: Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi

Website: http://www.rawartists.org/mayroded

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rawartists/

May Roded is a senior BFA Printmaking major in the CSULB College of the Arts. Rode works with various print making methods including screen printing and relief printing. Her work also incorporates elements of photography. The work displayed in her exhibition Anamnesis explores ideas about the construction of memory and how memories can be clear in some ways and distorted or blurry in others.

One piece that was displayed in Roded’s exhibition was called Memory Formation. The piece incorporated multiple mediums including wood, screen print. The different elements were pieced together via panels that together depicted a single chair. The image of the chair was clear on some of the panels, and blurred on others.

When talking to Roded about this peice in particular she talked about how it was a representation of how we tend to remember things. In other words, how certain aspects of a memory can be vividly clear, and how other parts can become blurred from our memory. Rode use the different mediums to depict a chair in the form of a memory.

When viewing Roded’s work I found that her imagery was very representational of distorted memories, and that the semi-clear, semi-blurred chairs was a nice way to portray her ideas on the subject. The title of the piece, Memory Formation, also helped me to decipher the meaning of the piece and determine the symbolism prior to my conversation with Roded. I enjoyed her incorporation of different mediums to depict and abstract image of a literal idea.



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