Wk7- Artist Conversation-Elena Roznovan

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition:Stop & Stare

Media: Sculpture, “Video Installation”

Gallery: CSULB Art Gallery, Gatov East

Website: elena.roznovan@gmail.com

Instagram: @eroznovan

Elena Roznovan is a second year graduate student getting her MFA in art. She is a part of the Sculpture department in The School of the Arts at CSULB. The work displayed in her exhibit, “Stop & Stare,” was a video installation piece. The work showed Roznovan’s interest in the use of video projection incorporated with other outside materials.

Roznovan’s exhibit displays a 12 minute video of the sun rising in a desert atmosphere. Distorting the projection are transparent geometric shape of various sizes that are either hung or placed on the ground. The exhibit also included a bench for the audience to sit on in order to “Stop & Stare” at the artwork.

Roznovan’s work draws inspiration from the constant rush that is commonly felt in her everyday life. Her work also pulls upon concepts of phenomenology, along with the idea of time and images. While talking to Roznovan, she informed me that she was really interested in the duration and time people spend inside the exhibit, and how it is in a way a “commentary on the fast pace lives.”

After viewing Roznovan’s work, and talking with her about her inspirations, I was really moved by her work. I found that when I first walked into the exhibit I did not even notice that the image projected was changing. Then after talking to Roznovan and revisiting the exhibit, I had a revelation about the fast pace in which I am living my own life. I then took the time to sit on the bench and watch the image change, and in that moment I truly understood Roznovan’s meaning of her title, “Stop and Stare.”


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