Wk5- Arts Experience- Automatic Drawing


Fortunately my boyfriend, Max, came to visit at the right time, and we were able to do this fun “Automatic Drawing” project together. Instead of using one pencil, we decided to use multiple colors of sharpie, and instead of using regular drawing paper we decided to be resourceful and use a flattened paper bag. To start off we closed our eye and both held the pens. Then simultaneously we began to draw spirals. The spirals started off slow and small and increasingly got bigger as we became more excited. However, when we both opened our eye we had been under the impression that the spirals were going to be much bigger than they turned out to be. Then collectively we decided to add our own finishing touch, and attempted to write our names across the drawing while holding onto our two favorite colors. This project was especially exciting because it gave me the excuse to make a piece of art with my significant other.


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