Wk4- Art Experience- Art Care Package


The person I decided to send a care package to was my boyfriend, Max, who lives 10 hours away in my home town. I decided to send him a “love” package full of things that remind me of him. I included our favorite love story, a pumpkin scented candle, a drawing, a star wars tattoo, and a few other items. Personally, I do not have Snapchat and do not like the way it distracts people from what is actually happening around them. It is convenient however to have the technology nowadays to send instant messages across the world. I have a sister who lives in Egypt, and without technology we would not be able to communicate. However, I also enjoy the idea of sending an art care package because it seems much more personalized and thoughtful. On the receiving end, whenever I receive a package I feel like a little kid on Christmas. I enjoyed the excuse to put together a care package for Max and I am excited to hear what he thinks when he opens it.


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