Wk4- Artist Conversation- Andrea Gutierrez

Exhibit Information:

Artist: Andrea Gutierrez

Exhibition: INPROCESS

Media: Painter, Coffee grounds

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby

Instagram: http://www.pictaram.com/user/andreageee/3467063/1382272260837449214_3467063

Andrea Gutierrez is an undergrad getting her Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting. She is a part of the Drawing and Painting Department in the School of the Arts at California State University Long Beach. Her main focus is painting, and incorporating outside materials into her artwork. She uses inspiration from her previous job as a barista at a coffee shop called ” Java Connection” to form the art pieces she presented in the INPROCESS exhibit.

All of her pieces incorporated paint with either whole coffee beans or coffee grinds from the same coffee shop. One piece in particular was named “The Regulars” and consisted of four different wood panels that were 12×12 inches. The four parts were hung vertically about an inch apart. Even though her process was the same, each panel was unique in its structure. The way the acrylics mixed with the coffee grinds was different on the various pieces and had a different texture. In some places the coffee grinds were gathered which gave it a more rough texture and dark color. In other places there was more acrylic paint which highlighted the individuality of the wood and drew the eye. By using a pour medium Andrea Gutierrez used acrylic paints and coffee grinds to create the four similar pieces that together create her abstract idea of “the regular” customers at “Java Connection.”

When talking to Andrea Gutierrez about her artwork, she talked about the various ways in which she was inspired by “Java Connection.” Her piece “The Regulars” was inspired by the customers from the shop, and the idea of an assembly line and how even though she would make the same person the same coffee everyday, it would always be different. In  making this particular work Gutierrez used the same materials and process for all four of the wooden panels, but the way they are all different relates to her ideas of the assembly line and working as a barista.

It was very ironic for me to see Andrea Gutierrez’s work incorporating coffee grinds today after I was just researching and discussing on slack about coffee art earlier this morning. The symbolism of her piece “The Regulars” resonated with me. I enjoyed how she used the same process to complete four unique pieces that together created a whole work of art. I was drawn by the way she used the coffee grinds mixed with paint to create both texture and color. I also appreciated the way she used a straight forward concept, and took an abstract approach to create her work.


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