Wk3- Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Mimi Haddon
  • Exhibition:
  • Media: Fiber Art
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art
  • Website: http://mimihaddonart.com
  • Instagram: @MimiHaddon


Mimi Haddon is an MFA student studying Fiber Art in the CSULB Fiber Department. Haddon is interested in using T-shirts to create works of art through techniques involving weaving, braiding, and knotting. She uses inspiration from the ways in which Indigenous cultures interact with material. When talking to Mimi Haddon she discussed how she was very intrigued with the idea of the circulation of clothing, and the story of how each piece of clothing has its own story.

The pieces of art Haddon had on display consisted of various pieces of t-shirts she had bought from Goodwill’s around the Los Angeles area. One of her pieces in particular was sprawled across the floor of the gallery. It was unevenly woven or pieced together at different angles, and had various corresponding colors. Although I was unable to touch the art, it appeared as though the material was soft, but the way in was laid gave it a clumpy texture. There was no formidable shape to the piece, but instead it seemed randomly placed.

Through Fiber Art, Mimi Haddon makes art out of donated clothes, and uses inspiration brought by their cycle. Her works are very abstract and evoke different emotions. She discussed how she enjoys making connection between layers of material and relationships, and how that can then tie in human emotions into her work. She manipulates the T-shirts by cutting them apart and piecing them back together to form new shapes.

Although the way it was laid onto the floor seemed random at first, as I observed the piece I had an image in my head of a landscape. There were many layers of color and textures, and the unevenness of the weaving symbolized the uneven distribution of people over an area of land. As I listened to Haddon talk about the piece she said, “boarders are fluid and everything can change.” She enjoyed working with the ideas of fluidity, and her piece artwork in my opinion captures this essence of “fluid ever-changing boarders,” and again reminded me of the landscape image.


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