W2- Art Experience- Landscapes with a Corpse


The scene I decided to create is called “Death of a Dancer.” The dance world is full of jealous artist. Unfortunately, when this dancer was cast in the spring faculty show the envy of another dancer became too strong. One day while on the sunroof at the CSULB Department of Dance this performer was practicing for the upcoming show. Meanwhile, a jealous peer decided to sneak up on her while she was distracted and pushed her over the edge. As the dancer fell to her death she was able to do the best grand jeté she had ever done because of all the air time she had. She ended up falling onto a rectangular rock randomly positioned in the middle of the courtyard.

I decided to create a scene at the dance department because I end up spending so much time there anyways, I thought dying there would be appropriate as well. To create this scene I had a friend climb onto the sunroof of the dance department and lean over the edge to capture this image. It was hard to find a moment when the courtyard was empty, and at one point while I was playing dead another student came to ask me questions about the department. Death is something that I am terrified of, and do not take lightly. However, this project had a light hearted sense to the idea of death, so I used that to create “Death of a Dancer.”


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