Wk 2- Classmate Conversation- Maryam Takla


Today in class I had the opportunity to meet Mary. She is a second year civil engineering major. How impressive! I cannot imagine how intense the work load that major must be. Some of her hobbies are hiking, watching anime, and playing video games. We both found out that we play Pokemon Go on our phones for fun and both really enjoy hiking. She finds however that school takes up most of her free time and she does not have enough time for her hobbies. Her favorite hobby is jujitsu. She has been training for a little over a year since coming to college and absolutely loves it. She enjoys being able to fight other people who are training as well. Mary is originally from the San Fernando Valley just a little ways North, but she really enjoys living in Long Beach. I really enjoyed talking to Mary and look forward to meeting new faces through this art class.


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