Wk1- Classmate Conversation- Misty Ruiz

Yesterday in class I met Misty who is a third year like me. She has yet to declare her major, but interested in studying Kinesiology. As a dance major there are a lot of overlaps between dance and kinesiology, so I found that to be exciting to explore and discuss further. I informed misty that in the dance department there is a clinic where kinesiology majors intern and get hands on experience with sports medicine practices. She seemed really interested in the dance program and our shows on campus. We talked a little bit about what each of our class schedules consisted of, and what classes were involved in each major. We also talked about Art 110 and why we were interested in the class. From my understandings, Misty joined the visual arts class because it was a nice change from her other science classes, and she looked forward to some of the projects we are going to work on this semester. I also agreed with her that I was looking forward to exploring other kinds of visual arts, and interesting in finding ways of collaborating dance as well. At first I was nervous to talk to someone in the class I did not know, but I found this opportunity to branch out and meet a new friendly face on campus was well worth it.




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