Wk1- Art Experience- Plastar Casting

Wow, what an experience! I had no idea how tricky plaster casting in sand could be. I went to the beach with all these cool ideas on how to create a “good” mold in the sand, but they ended up not working out. I had difficulties packing the sand tight enough around the body limb inside of the hole. I also found it extremely challenging to remove the limb without disturbing the mold. I had to retry several times because the sand kept falling right back into the hole! After trying both a hand and a foot, I would saying that the hand is much easier to remove from the sand, but it is hard to get the fingers just right. I really enjoyed getting to do an art project that involved going to the beach. I ended up having a really nice day next to the water (aside from the “luxurious” oil rig in the view).


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